Dedication Opportunities

Jewish Community Center Dedication

Reserved by Dr. Isaac Verbukh
in memory of Leizer Verbukh

Finker-Frenkel Tamim Academy

Reserved by The Finker - Frenkel Family

Campus for Jewish Life Dedication

Reserved by Finker-Frenkel Family

Main Sanctuary

Reserved by Dr. Isaac Verbukh

The Blavatnik Family Floor

Reserved by the Blavatnik Family

The Esterkin Family Floor

Reserved by the Esterkin Family

The Gan Frida preschool

Reserved by The Finker - Frenkel Family
in loving memory of Mrs. Frida Finker

The Reyf Family (Penthouse) Rooftop 6th Floor

Reserved by the Reyf Family

Grand Ballroom (The Happy Celebration Space)


The Community Ballroom - Fourth Floor


The Rabbi and Staff office, library, child center - Fifth Floor


Aron (Holy Ark) in Main Sanctuary

Reserved by Jacob & Milena Khotoveli



The Mikvah Center

Reserved by Mr. Baruch Freedman and Emmanuil Grinshpun and Family

Mikvah Pool

Reserved by the Horesh Family

Grand Entrance Plaza


Daily Chapel

Reserved by David Zhukov & Svetlana Lyakhovskaya

Kiddush & Multipurpose Room

Reserved by Khotoveli Family

Waterfront Viewing Plaza

Reserved by Banner Aircraft International

Aron (Holy Ark) in Daily Chapel

Reserved by Raskin Family

Kitchen (Social Hall)


Memorial Board

Reserved by the Yagudayev family

Ballroom Grand Lobby


Waterfront Entrance


Main Lobby Entrance

Reserved by Gitman Family
in loving memory of Bouzya & Sheindl Gitman and Iosif Kotlyar

Library Books

Reserved by Anonymous Donor
in honor of Dr. Isaac Verbukh

Golden Menorah on Facade

Reserved by Leon Gandelman
Dedicated in loving memory of Jacob Max Gandelman and Adolf Gandelman

Scenic Wraparound Bayfront Terrace


Grand Bima in Main Sanctuary

Reserved by the Krupnikas Family

Elevator 2


Elevator 1


Stained Glass Window (Right)


Grand Aleph Bet Chandelier


Stained Glass Window (Left)



Reserved by Dr. Isaac Verbuch

Youth Center

Reserved by the Gurevich Family


Reserved by The Leydiker Family and Banner Aircraft International

5th floor Youth / Restaurant Lounge




Kitchen (Restaurant)


Mikvah Men's Prep Room


Mikvah Women's Prep Room


Preschool Bay View Assembly Area


Rabbi's Office

Reserved by Mr. & Mrs. Mendy Fischer and family

Kiddush Kitchen


Bima in Daily Chapel

Reserved by the Frid Family

Preschool Classroom 4


Preschool Classroom 9

Reserved by the Krupnikas Family

Shifra bas Rachel Terrace Play Area

Reserved by Mr. Russ Krivor
in loving memory of Shifra bas Rachel

Classroom 8

Reserved by Lyamport Family

Preschool Classroom 7

Reserved by Mrs. Jenny Baum

Preschool Classroom 3


Principal's (Chanie's:) Office


Office wing Reception room


Teachers' Lounge


Bridal Suite 2


Bridal Suite 1


Chazan's (Cantor's) Podium

Reserved by the Schneur Family

Rabbi's Podium

Reserved by the Khotoveli Family

Mikvah Lobby/Reception


Boat Dock 2


Boat Dock 1


Conference Room


Preschool waterfront Classroom 1

Reserved by The Khotoveli Family
In honor of our children Ben and Leila

Preschool waterfront Classroom 2

Reserved by The Gilerman family
in loving memory of Shuki Gilerman

Preschool Classroom 5


Preschool Classroom 6


Office 1


Office 2


Preschool Reception


Ner Tamid - Eternal Light

Reserved by the Khotoveli Family

Rabbi's Garden

Reserved by the Grinberg Family

Rebbe's Portrait

Reserved by Eduard Mordukhovich

Main Sanctuary Bookcases


Tallis Rack


Ner Tamid - Eternal Light (Daily Chapel)

Reserved by the Schneur Family

Seat A5


Seat B31


Seat B30


Seat B32


Main Sanctuary Seats

Starting at $10,000

Weekday Sanctuary Mezuzah

Reserved by Matusov Family

Washing Station

Reserved by Anonymous Donor

Foundation Piles

$3,600 each

Images are for illustrative purposes and are subject to change.